RICARDO KUSUDA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Guilherme de Araujo Lucas
“Expression of microRNAs in the nociceptive system of mice”
Defense: 12/22/2008

ANDRÉIA LOPES DA SILVA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jose Antunes Rodrigues
“Participation of glucocorticoids in the secretion of neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin in response to changes in extracellular fluid volume and osmolarity”
Defense: 10/29/2008

ARTUR FERNANDES | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Norberto Garcia Cairasco
“Increased NPY expression after Status Epilepticus induced by electrical stimulation of the amygdaloid complex in rats: Likely participation in an endogenous anticonvulsant system”
Defense: 10/29/2008

AUGUSTO BARBOSA JÚNIOR | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Anette Hoffmann
“Olfactory bulb: participation in the modulation of the alarm reaction and its intrinsic and extrinsic connections in piauçu Leporinus macrocephalus”
Defense: 08/01/2008

ROBERTA CAVALCANTI KWIATKOSKI | Advisor: Prof. Dra. Elaine Aparecida Del Bel Belluz Guimaraes
“Analysis of the nitrergic and dopaminergic systems in the weaver mouse strain”
Defense: 05/30/2008

DALIZE MARIA SQUEBOLA | Advisor: Prof. Dra. Evelin Capellari Carnio
“Effect of neonatal lipopolysaccharide exposure on hypotension, nitric oxide synthesis and plasma vasopressin during experimental endotoxemic shock”
Defense: 05/28/2008

GUILLERMO ANDREY ARIZA TRASLAVIÑA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Celso Rodrigues Franci
“Effect of CRH-R1 receptor antagonist on gonadotropin, prolactin, corticosterone and progesterone secretion in stressed rats”
Defense: 05/21/2008

LIGIA SUBITONI ANTONIO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Wamberto Antonio Varanda
“Channels activated by extracellular ATP in mouse leydig cells”
Defense: 16/05/2008

LILIAN ESLAINE COSTA MENDES DA SILVA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Lucila Leico Kagohara Elias
“Estradiol effects on the hypothalamic expression of mediators involved in the control of energy homeostasis”
Defense: 17/04/2008

ANDRÉ LUIZ ANDREOTTI DAGOSTIN | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mauricio Xavier Leão
“Characterization of GABAergic and glutamatergic neurotransmissions in a nucleus involved in auditory processing in songbirds”
Defense: 04/08/2008