1. The student shall fill in the form below, with the activities developed during the doctoral period;
2. The student shall have 50% of the credits completed and the advisor shall send the following documents to the Program Coordinator:

2.1. Letter of indication from the applicant to the EGQ and suggestion of at least six professors for the qualifying board. It is recommended that the professors are preferably from the Ribeirão Preto Campus-USP;
2.2. The form referred to in section 1;
2.3. The manuscript of a work written in English, or the definitive publication of the results obtained related to the thesis.

3. The Program Coordinating Committee will define the names for the examining board, among the suggestions sent by the Advisor.

4. After defining the date for the examination, the applicant shall present the manuscript for the examining board, which must be composed of three faculty experts in the area related to the document presented. The advisor should not be part of the board and the Program coordinator will only be part of the board as a specialist in the area.

5. The Examining Committee will analyze and discuss the set of activities developed by the graduate student during the period, listed in the form delivered with the manuscript.


EQ-Doctorate Form