Although according to the PPG-Physiology Guidelines, the Master’s student may enroll in the aforementioned exam within a maximum period of 18 months after the beginning of his/her term in the course, the CCP recommends:

  1. For those entering the first semester within a maximum period of 180 days after the end of the mandatory disciplines
  2. For students entering the second semester within a maximum period of 30 days after the end of the mandatory disciplines. The exam must be taken no later than ninety days after registration.

The Master’s Qualifying Exam will take place as follows:

1 – 45-minute lecture on the selected topic, which will be based on a list of points (below) approved at a CCP meeting. The selection will take place upon registration for the QE, taking into account the dates of the CCP meetings.

2 – 45-minute Presentation of the research project with preliminary results and the maximum duration of the exam will be three hours.

1- Bioelectrogenesis Biophysical (RMXL/LCCN)
2- Muscle Contraction Biophysical (RMXL/LCCN)
3- Synaptic Transmission Biophysical (RMXL/DJAM/NGC)
4- Humoral Regulation of Blood Pressure Cardiovascular (HCS/BHM)
5- Neural Regulation of Blood Pressure  Cardiovascular (HCS/BHM)
6- Circulation in Different Vascular Territories  Cardiovascular (HCS/BHM)
7- Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients in the Digestive Tract Digestive (RFJ/LCCN)
8- Gastrointestinal Motility  Digestive (RFJ/RMXL)
9- Digestive Secretions Digestive (RFJ/LCCN)
10- Neuroendocrine Control of Hydroelectrolytic Balance Endocrine (JAR/MC/LLKE)
11- Reproductive System Endocrine (JPGC/LLKE)
12- Hypothalamic-Hypophyseal System Endocrine (JAR/MC/LLKE)
13- Hormonal Control of Metabolism Endocrine (ICK/JPGC/LCCN)
14- Behavior: Limbic System Neurophysiology (NGC/EC)
15- Biological Rhythms Neurophysiology (EC/EADB)
16- Regulation of Somatic Motricity Neurophysiology (NGC/EC/EADB)
17- Regulation of Acid-Base Balance Renal/Respiratory  (TMC/LGSB)
18- Renal Regulation of Extracellular Fluid Volume  Renal (TMC/ECC)
19- Renal Regulation of Internal Tonicity Renal (TMC/ECC)
20- Ventilation Control  Respiratory  (LGSB/DJAM)
21- Transport of Gases in Blood Respiratory  (LGSB/DJAM)
22- Mechanics of Lung Ventilation  Respiratory  (LGSB/DJAM)