The Graduate Program in Physiology (GPP) at the Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine – University of São Paulo was created in 1970 by the Professors of the Department of Physiology, and it is still maintained as its central nucleus.

The acredited Advisers of the GPP, most of which are Professors of the Department, work with different research areas related to physiological and physiopathological mechanisms in the fields of cardiovascular, endocrine, renal, nervous, respiratory, digestive, biophysics and metabolism, among others.

Researchers of the GPP use a wide array of classical and modern approaches in physiology, including freely moving or anesthetized “in vivo” preparations, dissociated or organotypic “in vitro” cultures, and “in silico” computationally-modeled or simulated complex systems.

The main proposal of our GPP is to offer a solid theoretical basis and research bench experience for curious and enthusiastic individuals for a Science Career. In order to develop a firm and wide formation in physiological sciences, the Reseach Labs provide to the Graduate Student the opportunity to work with animal models, with experimental approaches that include behavioral, eletrophysiological (field and membrane potentials, electrophysiology of channels and currents), molecular and cell biology techniques (Western blot, PCR, in situ hibridization, optogenetics, dreadds, histo and immuno-histochemistry, light, fluorescent, multi-photon microscopy).

With the majority of these techniques, well developed in several of the Labs of the GPP, it is possible to state that our current and future graduate students will get the benefits of a quite rich scientific and intelectual environment created by several generations of Professors and Researchers.

It is worth to highlight that our GPP has significative collaborations with students from other Graduate Programs, researchers from other National and Foreign Institutions, which altogether significantly contributes to establish an excellent environment of research and theoretical formation for future Professors. This feature of the GPP is in line with the contemporary challenges for Physiology and Basic Sciences in general. We search for a major integration and interdisciplinarity, which is fundamental in an increasingly more and more connected world, where science of quality is evidently international and universal.

Indeed, the great mission of our GPP is to join and lead the use of traditional well-demonstrated preparations, coupled wisely to newly developed tecniques and research solutions, in a highly competitive global scenary, with the purpose of giving to the graduate students creative tools to defront all the contemporary challenges of education, research and science diffusion in our field.