JOSE MARINO NETO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Miguel Rolando Covian
“Neuroethological analysis of the behavior of the Siamese fighting fish (Bettasplendens). Development of the method and its application in a study of the behavioral effects of injuries to the central nervous system.”
Defense: 16/09/1982

JANETE APARECIDA ANSELMO FRANCI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jose Antunes Rodrigues
“Secretion of luteinizing hormone in rats with locus coeruleus lesion under different experimental conditions”
Defense: 26/08/1982

NORBERTO GARCIA CAIRASCO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Renato Marcos Endrizzi Sabbatini
“Neuroethological and quantitative analysis of neural mechanisms involved in audiogenic seizures in the albino rat.”
Defense: 12/03/1982

BENEDITO HONÓRIO MACHADO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Helio Cesar Salgado
“Evolution of heart rate during the installation of renal hypertension 1 kidney-1 clip”
Defense: 02/17/82

LAURA ALICE DE OLIVEIRA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Cleber Geraldo Gentil
“Influence of limbic structures on feeding behavior, elicited by electrical stimulation of the lateral hypothalamic area in rats.”
Defense: 01/27/82

TEREZINHA JOSEFINA GUIDELLI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Miguel Rolando Covian
“Effects of septal area injury, adrenalectomy and castration on the specific appetite of rats”
Defense: 01/26/1982