LUIZ CARLOS SCHENBERG | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Frederico Guilherme Graeff
“Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) modulation of the defense reaction provoked by electrical stimulation of the rat dorsal periaqueductal gray matter”
Defense: 12/17/84

LUIZ GUILHERME BRENTEGANI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Maria Carmela Lico
“Interaction of the spinal trigeminal nucleus and raphe magnum nucleus in dental nociceptive inhibition”
Defense: 12/14/1984

MEIRE NAKAMURA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Maria Carmela Lico
“Study of the peripheral effect of neurotransmitters and ions in the response to harmful stimulation in the awake guinea pig.”
Defense: 07/11/1984

GUIDO RUMMLER | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Miguel Rolando Covian
“Effects of primary olfactory disafferentations on the structure of olfactory bulbs, liver glycogen, food intake and turtle heart rate”
Defense: 06/04/1984

NORBERTO GARCIA CAIRASCO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Renato Marcos Endrizzi Sabbatini
“Analysis of the role of structures of the acoustic pathway and extrapyramidal system in the elaboration of audiogenic seizures in the albino rat. Electrophysiological and behavioral study”
Defense: 05/02/1984

BENEDITO HONÓRIO MACHADO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Helio Cesar Salgado
“Interaction of the renin-angiotensin and autonomic nervous systems on the reflex regulation of heart rate and blood pressure during the onset of renal hypertension 1 Kidney-1 Clip”
Defense: 18/04/1984