To enter the Master or Doctorate course at PPG – Physiology, applicants shall be approved in the admission process. Registration, calendar, documents, admission criteria, and other relevant information are available in the Notice.

General information:


Before registration, the applicant shall choose and contact the potential advisor of PPG Physiology to verify the possibility of advising. If so, the advisor and applicant shall sign and present the form (Available at: e


Proof of English language proficiency will be required for enrollment in the Master’s and Doctorate admission process.

TEAP, TOEFL, IELTS, ALUMINI, Cambridge, and Michigan Proficiency Exams will be accepted, taken up to 5 (five) years before the application date for the admission process.

The minimum grades for acceptance of these exams will be disclosed in a specific notice on the Program’s website, Internet, and the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo.

Other equivalent exams may be analyzed by the CCP upon request.

The TEAP proficiency exam can be performed by Tese Prime

Proficiency in the Portuguese Language for Foreigners

– Proficiency in Portuguese will be required through a Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners, such as CELPE-BRAS or equivalent, with an Intermediate level of approval.

– The foreign student who demonstrates proficiency in Portuguese in the Master’s, according to the established criteria, will not be required to take the exam in the Doctorate.

– Proficiency in Portuguese will be required within 1 (one) year after enrollment.

Additional documents for foreign applicants

Copy of valid ID and temporary or permanent visa authorizing the studies in Brazil. Examples of these documents: National Migration Registry Card (CRNM) or RNE (National Alien Registration) or RNE Protocol.

The eventual approval in the admission process will only be valid for one semester, obeying the rule that the registration of all candidates approved is done before the next admission process or until the end of the referred semester.

For other questions, please contact the PPG-Physiology Secretariat: