BRUNA KALIL | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Janete Aparecida Anselmo Franci
“Progesterone as a stress marker: intersex differences”
Defense: 12/03/2010

MELINA PIRES DA SILVA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Wamberto Antonio Varanda
“Nirergic modulation of the excitability of magnocellular neurons of the supraoptic nucleus”
Defense: 11/19/2010

ADRIANO CARDOZO FRANCIOSI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Guilherme de Araujo Lucas
“Action of monoamines on the phosphorylation of proteins involved in TrkB receptor signaling in an experimental model of neuropathic pain”
Defense: 10/26/2010

ELAINE FLAMIA TONIOLO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Guilherme de Araujo Lucas
“Action of RNA-activated protein kinase in the neurobiology of chronic pain of inflammatory origin”
Defense: 10/26/2010

THIAGO FERNANDO BECKHAUSER RODRIGUES | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mauricio Xavier Leão
“Effects of 17β-estradiol on neuronal excitability of caudomedial nidopallium (NCM) of zebra finches”
Defense: 10/18/2010

PEDRO LEONARDO CEDRAZ MERCEZ | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Eliane Comoli
“Functional Role of the Superior Colliculus in the Motivated Behaviors of Rats”
Defense: 10/15/2010

LUANA MARIA SILVA ALVES | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Celso Rodrigues Franci
“Effects of estrogen and progesterone on basal activity of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis”
Defense: 10/04/2010

PLINIO DAS NEVES FAVARO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Eliane Comoli
“Organization of afferent connections to the medial and lateral portions of the intermediate and deep layers of the Superior Colliculus”
Defense: 7/28/2010

WILIAN DE ASSIS SILVEIRA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Luiz Carlos Carvalho Navegantes
“Effect of lumbar sympathetic denervation on protein degradation in rat skeletal muscles”
Defense: 05/24/2010

FLAVIA APARECIDA GRAÇA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Luiz Carlos Carvalho Navegantes
“The physiological action of adrenaline in the regulation of fasting muscle protein metabolism”
Defense: 20/05/2010

ANDRÉ DE SOUZA MECAWI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jose Antunes Rodrigues
“Estradiol effects on hemorrhage-induced cardiovascular and neuroendocrine responses in rats”
Defense: 04/01/2010

TATIANE VILHENA FRANCO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jose Antunes Rodrigues
“Participation of estradiol in hormonal secretion and neuronal activation induced by changes in extracellular fluid volume and osmolality”
Defense: 03/26/2010

ALLAN FERNANDO DE PAULA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Brandt de Oliveira “Taste Study for Different Amino Acids in Healthy Rats and Malnourished Rats” Defense: 02/01/2010