SORAIA VARGAS DA SILVA JUSTO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Helio Cesar Salgado
“Role of the L-arginine-in-GMPC pathway and sensitive K+ channels in modulating the adaptation of baroreceptors to hypertension induced by coarctation of the aorta.”
Defense: 11/29/1995

LAURA MARIA AVELLAR CAMPOS | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Alzira Amélia Martins Rosa e Silva
“Study of the histoenzymological reaction of secondary alcohol dehydrogenase (ADII) and of steroidogenesis in the testis of rats treated with LH-RH and hCG.”
Defense: 10/31/1995

ANGELA LUISA DORETTO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Isis do Carmo Kettelhut
“Control of protein degradation and synthesis in rat muscles subjected to a high protein diet.”
Defense: 10/09/1995

GISELE ZOCCAL MINGOTI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Alzira Amélia Martins Rosa e Silva
“Steriogenesis by granulosa cells in co-culture with bovine oocytes. Effect of steroids on maturation (MIV) and in vitro fertilization (IVF)”
Defense: 10/07/1995

ARTUR ANDRIOLO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Werner Robert Schmidek
“Collective breastfeeding in buffaloes (Bubalus Bubalis): ontogeny and individual differences.”
Defense: 15/09/1995

CLAUDIA REGINA MONASSI | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Leda Menescal de Oliveira
“Participation of periaqueductal gray matter in the modulation of tonic immobility in guinea pigs.”
Defense: 08/03/1995

CHRISTIANE DE SOUZA E SILVA DRIGO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Lourenco Gallo Junior
“Study of the modulation of heart rate by breathing in men. Influence of respiratory volumes and flows and of thoracic and abdominal participation on respiratory sinus arrhythmia, using standardized maneuvers”
Defense: 05/19/1995

SIMONE ACRANI DE ALMEIDA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ana Lucia Vianna Favaretto
“Sexual development of the hypernatriophageal male rat, from prepuberty to puberty.”
Defense: 02/23/1995