MARIA ANTONIA DANTAS DE LUCAS | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jose Antunes Rodrigues
“Influences of estradiol benzoate on the metabolic activity of the adenohypophysis and on the activity of the glutamic-oxaloacetic (Got) and glutamic-pyruvic (Gpt) transaminase enzymes in the anterior pituitary and uterus of rats under different experimental conditions”
Defense: 12/19/1978

KEICO OKINO NONAKA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jose Antunes Rodrigues
“Thyroid function in hemidecorticated rats”
Defense: 29/09/1978

CELIO RAIMUNDO MACHADO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Renato Helios Migliorini
“Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in fish – (BAGRE, Rhamdia hilarii)”
Defense: 08/19/1978

PEDRO DE OLIVEIRA GUIMARAES NETO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Miguel Rolando Covian
“Cardiovascular and respiratory modifications by electrical stimulation of the septal area of ​​the rat: physiological mapping”
Defense: 03/17/1978

ELISABETH GUEDES CRISCUOLO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ithamar Vugman
“Chandrogenesis and osteogenesis. induction by decalcified bone powder”
Defense: 02/24/1978

LUIZ CARLOS SCHENBERG | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Frederico Guilherme Graeff
“Role of periaqueductal gray matter in avoidance behavior and anxiety”
Defense: 02/24/1978