VIVIANA MORETO | Advisor: Prof. Dra. Evelin Capellari Carnio
“Action of heme-oxygenase pathway by-products on vasopressin release during endotoxemic shock”
Defense: 10/08/2009

LEANDRO MARQUES DE SOUZA | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Celso Rodrigues Franci
“Expression of glucocorticoid receptors on AVP, CRH and GABA neurons in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus”
Defense: 7/17/2009

ÉRICA MARIA GRANJEIRO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Benedito Honório Machado
“Nirergic mechanisms involved in neurotransmission of autonomic and respiratory components of the chemoreflex in the caudal NTS of non-anesthetized rats”
Defense: 10/06/2009

NADIA RUBIA FERREIRA | Advisor: Prof. Dra. Elaine Aparecida Del Bel Belluz Guimaraes
“Immunohistochemical study of the Ether-à-go-go potassium channel 1 (Eag1) in the basal ganglia of rats with nigrostriata dopaminergic pathway injury”
Defense: 16/04/2009

VALTER JOVINIAN DE SANTANA FILHO | Advisor: Prof. Dr. Rubens Fazan Junior
“Poststimulatory depression of aortic baroreceptors in rats and mice: influence of cyclooxygenase derivatives and reactive oxygen species”
Defense: 03/09/2009